Indonesia needs aviation coordination committee: Expert

Aviation expert Chappy Hakim stated that Indonesia needs an aviation coordination committee to manage the weaknesses in the aviation sector through proper communication and policies.

“The aviation sector, particularly civil commercial aviation, needs a national committee for coordination in order to accommodate flight problems,” stated the former Chief of Staff of Indonesian Air Force Marshall Chappy Hakim, here on Thursday.

He pointed out that the solutions, which are developed by institutions related to aviation, were not efficient enough to handle flight problems.

Chappy cited the example of the decision to make Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport as a civil airport as a means to reduce traffic in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, calling it a “naive” decision.

He explained that Halim Airport was essentially designed to be a military airbase and to combat readiness.

“Halim is different from Soekarno-Hatta Airport which is well prepared for commercial airlines,” added Chappy.

Chappy added that Indonesia has an Indonesian Aviation Committee (Depanri) on Soekarno regime to develop clear and proper national aviation policies.

Meanwhile, the former Executive Director of Riau Airlines Samudra Sukardi stated that Indonesian aviation business is in a rapid surge with respect to total passengers and airplanes. “However, the improvements are not being accompanied by sufficient infrastructure development,” stated Samudra.

Samudra added that the total domestic passengers between January and August 2013 were 76.4 million and has increased by 20 percent from the previous year.

Besides, the total number of international flights during the same period touched 9.7 million passengers, increasing by ten percent from 2012.

Samudra added that the total amount of airplanes also increased by 8 percent to 811 units in 2013. “Indonesia should prepare for the increase by organizing ample human resources and infrastructure,” he noted.

The Executive Director of CSE Aviation Consultant Edwin Sudarmo stated that the improvement of aviation business in Indonesia does not affect the local manufacturing industry.

“That is because airplane production, leasing companies and spare parts are all obtained from foreign countries,” Edwin explained.

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