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Meneropong dirgantara dunia pasca covid – kemana arah dirgantara Indonesia

Dirgantara dunia dalam hal ini yang difokuskan adalah terutama sektor Industri Penerbangan.   Sementara itu Industri Penerbangan yang banyak disoroti adalah Pabrik... Read More →

Virtual Room CSE Academy Series Batch #1

Assalamualaikum wr.wb SALAM SAHABAT AVIASI!! CSE Academy yang didukung oleh CSE Aviation dan ZtoH mempersembahkan Virtual Room CSE Academy Series... Read More →

Kebijakan Pemerintah dalam mengatasi Covid 19 di Bidang Industri Penerbangan Nasional

Kemarin petang Minggu tanggal 26 April 2020 telah diselenggarakan diskusi dalam format meeting zoom tentang larangan terbang dan potensi bangkrutnya Maskapai Penerbangan.  ... Read More →
CSE Aviation is an International consulting company which concentrates on the aviation services industry. Although being newly established in 2011, CSE Aviation Consulting is filled with Professional Experts with their background rooted firmly in the aviation business.CSE Aviation Consulting was established for the purpose of fulfilling the needs for business solutions that relies on the aviation safety or “Get the Job Done Safely“.
CSE Aviation Consulting has extensive aviation industry experience, along with a profound command of pertinent methods and skills. Besides that, CSE Aviation has the access to databases containing critical and important information about the aviation market, process and technology.CSE Aviation Consulting has the unique position in the Aviation industry, which is to integrate communication among the players within the industry through customized-integrated business management solution beside the philosophical and the professional principles which guarantees high values for its consumers.

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