Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation (JAA TO)


The JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) provides training courses in multiple fields of aviation safety to help improve aviation safety worldwide and promote the understanding of existing and new European aviation regulations. JAA TO is an associate body of ECAC and ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Member.

JAA TO conducts scheduled training courses at various locations worldwide and has trained over 30.000 aviation professionals. With more than 500 training courses scheduled per year in the field of aviation safety, the JAA Training Organisation continues to serve as a platform for the international aviation community to learn and exchange views on the latest developments and topical issues.

Besides regular courses covering operational management and specialised fields, the JAA Training Organisation also conducts customised programmes to meet specific requirements.

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 CSE Aviation

CSE Aviation is an International consulting company which concentrates on the aviation services industry. Although being newly established in 2011, CSE Aviation Consulting is filled with Professional Experts with their background rooted firmly in the aviation business.

CSE Aviation Consulting was established for the purpose of fulfilling the needs for business solutions that relies on the aviation safety or “Get the Job Done Safely”. CSE Aviation Consulting has extensive aviation industry experience, along with a profound command of pertinent methods and skills. Besides that, CSE Aviation has the access to databases containing critical and important information about the aviation market, process and technology.

CSE Aviation Consulting has the unique position in the Aviation industry, which is to integrate communication among the players within the industry through customized-integrated business management solution beside the philosophical and the professional principles which guarantees high values for its consumers.


Location: Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia

Phone: 62 21 294 286 52

Contact Person:

–       President Director: Mr. Edwin Soedarmo
–       Marketing: Mr. Elfizar Asri