Nicolas Fabert.


Project Description

Description of Consultancy Services

  1. To Conduct Indonesia Market Study for Charter Air Carrier operation (AOC 135)
    • The List of AOC 135 Operator.
    • Type of the aircraft and Fleet Size of each AOC 135 Operator.
    • Customer for AOC 135 Operator.
    • Air Charter market demand and characteristics.
    • Recommend Potential Route
  2. To Conduct Charter Air Carrier Business Arrangement Review
    • Potential Cooperation with the existing AOC 135 operator
      • Review of AOC 135 operator to be selected (3 up to 5 Air Operator candidates)
      • Carry out beauty contest to select the best AOC candidate to be cooperated
      • Feasibility Study for the cooperation with the selected Operator to include estimating Total Operating Cost (TOC).
      • Support the negotiation with the selected operator from the technical and operational aspect.
      • Set up the Marketing Team to include its Job Description.
      • Support the recruitment for the required Human Resources.
    • Potential for aquisition of the Existing AOC 135 operator
      • Carry out due diligent over AOC 135 Operator candidates which covers.
        • Financial Analysis (short/long term debt & business prospect).
        • Legal Analysis.
        • Administration and HR Analysis.
        • Assets (aircraft, crew, route) Analysis.
        • Facilities Analysis.
      • Recommend the best AOC operator to be purchased.
      • Restructuring and rebranding the purchased AOC Operator.
      • Establish complete business plan to be provided to the authority

Project Details

  • Date Mei 20, 2013
  • Tags Project
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