MS Tech.


Project Description

Audit :

  • General (Organization & Management)
  • Safety, Security and Quality
  • Engineering & Manual Documentation
  • Maintenance Hangar Facilities and Storage
  • Training

Methods and Standards

The criteria used for the review and inspection of the MRO-MS Tech  consisted of a number documents, including the Indonesian Civil Aviation Safety Regulation CSAR 145 Amandement 3, the company’s relevant documents and accepted standards and safe practices normally adhered toh the industry.

Methods used in the review and inspections are as follow:

  1. Interview
  2. Review of the document
  3. Inspection

The finding are evaluated using the following criteria

  • Major : High significant reduction to the safety margin
  • Moderate : Medium significant reduction to the safety margin
  • Minor : less significant reduction to the safety margin
  • Observation : Standart & Recommended Practice (SARP)
  • Recommendation : Propose for improvement

Project Details

  • Date 6 Juni 2012
  • Tags Project
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